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Name: Xuzong CHEN (陈徐宗)

Present Position

Professor, Director of Institute of Quantum Electronics, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science,PekingUniversity, head of the research group of Cold Atom Physics and Precision Measurement.

Current Address

SchoolofElectronicsEngineering and Computer Science,


Beijing100871 , China

Phone: 0086-10-62751778(o), 0086-10-62751784(o), 0086-10-62762727(lab),

Handset: 13910103530, Fax no. 0086-10-62754999

E-mail: xuzongchen@pku.edu.cn

Home page: http://iqe.pku.edu.cn

Birth place     

Suzhou City,JiangsuProvince,China


B.s.    JiangsuUniversity, Zhenjiang,China,  (1983.7)

Ph.D.   Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Academy Sinica (1993.7)


Worker at Suzhou’s Electroplate Factory (Culture Revolution inChinajust finished, 1979.2-1979.9)

Teaching asistant,Jiansu University, Zhengjiang (1983.9-1987.9)

Postdoctor, Department of Electronics ,Peking University, Beijing (1993.7-1995.7)

Associate Professor, Department of Electronics ,Peking University (1995.7-2000.7)

Special Researcher, National Laboratory of Metrology, AIST, Japan (1996.9-1997.9 )

Professor, Department of Electronics ,PekingUniversity,( 2000.8-

visiting professor, Heidelberg University, Physics Department, 2003/7-2005/7,

visiting professor, Ecole Normal Suprieure, Laboratoire Kastler Brosse, Paris, 2007.2-20007.3,

Vice Dean of School of Electronic Engineering and Computer, Science Peking Univerity, (2002.9-2010.7 )

Director of Institute of Quantum Electronics, Peking University, 2005.7-

Director of Center of Novel Atomic Clock, Peking University, 2006.1-

Research field

Laser cooling and trapping of atoms, Bose-Einstein Condensation, Bose-Fermi mixture, Quantum Simulation,Precision Measurement based on Femtosecond laser comb generator, Atomic and molecular hyperfine spectra, Fiber laser comb generator, Optical Pumped cesium clock, etc.


Undergraduate courses: Mechanics, Atomic Physics, Introduction of Modern Electronics and Communication

Postgraduate courses:  Laser Technology, Laser Theory, Advanced Experimental Atomic Physics,  Advanced Optoelectronics.

Honors and Awards

1st award for Scientific and Technology advance, Chinese Academy of Science, 1990,

Award for Excellent Postgraduate Students, Chinese Academy of Science, 1993,

Award for Excellent Teacher, Peking University, 2000

Award of Motorola Excellent Teacher, Peking University, 2002

Fellow of Institute of Physics, UK, 2006

2nd Award of achievements of teaching, Beijing, 2010

Award of outstanding teacher, Beijing, 2015

Principle Investigator:

Study on the exotic phase transition in optical lattice, the National Fundamental Research Program of China , Grant No. 2011CB921501, 6,000,000 RMB (2011-2015)

Long time stable high performance semiconductor laser system, NSFC, Grant No. 61027016,1,800,000 RMB (2011-2013)

Two and three dimensional optical lattice and phase transition, Grant No. 2006CB921401,2,000,000RMB (2006-2011)

Microwave Atomic Clock based on ultracold atoms, Grant No. 2005CB724503,2,000,000 RMB (2005-2009)

Information Processing based on cold atom , Grant No. 2001CB309308, 1,000, 000 RMB (2003-2007)

Semiconductor laser frequency standards and transfer of optical frequency to RF Grant No. 60490280, 1,000,000 RMB (2004-2008)

Precision measurement based on phase locked femtosecond laser, 1,400,000 RMB (2003-2005)

Couple output of Bose-Einstein Condensation in QUIC trap, 3,000,000 RMB (2002-2004)

Experimental study on Bose-Einstein Condensation 800,000 RMB (2001-2003)

Academic Activities

Member, Committee of Quantum Optics, Chinese Physical Society (2000.7-)

Board member, Quantum Optics, Chinese Journal (2000/7- )

Member, Committee of Chinese Society of Measurement (2004.1-)

Vice director, Time and Frequency Committee, Chinese Society of Measurement, (2004.5-)

Member, consultation Committee of EE Science and Technology, Chinese Education Ministry (2006.1-2010.12)

Board member, Measurement Science and Technology, IOP, UK (2006.1-)

Board member, Quantum Electronics, Chinese Journal, (2006.1-)

Member, Teaching Consultantion Committee of EE Science and Technology, Chinese Education Ministry (2006.1-2010.12)

Board member, Measurement Science and Technology, IOP,UK, (2005.3-)

Board member, Quantum Electronics, Chinese Journal (2006.1-)

Member, Committee of RAO Yutai’s award, Chinese Physical Society (2007/1-)

Board member, Chinese Optics Letters (2007.1- )  

member, committee of Navigation Joint Center, Education Ministry (2009.1- )

Board member, Chinese Optics Letters (2007.1-)   

Member, Committee of Atom and molecule, Chinese Physical Society (2012.7-)

Selected Publications (since 2006)


1.      Chen Li, Tianwei Zhou, Yueyang Zhai, Xuguang Yue, Jinggang Xiang, Shifeng Yang, Wei Xiong, and Xuzong Chen, Optical Talbot carpet with atomic density gratings obtained by standing-wave manipulation, Phys. Rev. A 95, 033821 (2017)



2.      Zhongkai Wang, Baoguo Yang, Dong Hu, Xuzong Chen, Hongwei Xiong, Biao Wu, and Xiaoji Zhou, Observation of quantum dynamical oscillations of ultracold atoms in the F and D bands of an optical lattice, Physical Review A 94, 033624 (2016) .

3.      Linxiao Niu, Pengju Tang, Baoguo Yang, Xuzong Chen, Biao Wu, and Xiaoji Zhou, Observation of Quantm Equilibration in Dilute Bose Gases, Physical Review A 94, 063603 (2016).

4.      Qiuyi Guo, Haodi Liu, Tianji Zhou, Xuzong Chen, and Biao Wu, Nonlinear Landau-Zener tunneling in Majorana's stellar representation, European Physical Journal D 70, 128 (2016).

5.      Kagome lattices for ultracold atoms induced by additional lightfields, Zhang, Huirong; Chen, Xuzong; Ma, Zhaoyuan; Journal of Physics B-Atomic molecular and Optical Journal, 49, No.11,: 115301, JUN 14 2016

6.      Hepeng Yao, Tian Luan, Chen Li, Yin Zhang, Zhaoyuan Ma, Xuzong ChenComparison of different techniques in optical trap for generating picokelvin 3D atom cloud in microgravity, Optics Communications 359 (2016) 123–128

7.      Polarization dependence of the direct two photon transitions of Rb-87 atoms by erbium: Fiber laser frequency comb ,Dai, Shaoyang; Xia, Wei; Zhang, Yin; Optics Communications378pp 35-40, NOV. 1, 2016

8.      Wei Xia and Xuzong Chen, Recent developments in fiber-based optical frequency comb and its applications Meas. Sci. Technol. 27 (2016) 041001 (12pp)



9.      Qing Wang, Xianghui Qi, Shuyong Liu, Jiachen Yu, and Xuzong Chen, “Laser frequency stabilization using a dispersive line shape induced by Doppler effect,” Opt. Express 23, 2982 (2015)

10.   Tian Luan, Hepeng Yao, Lu Wang, Chen Li, Shifeng Yang, Xuzong Chen, and Zhaoyuan Ma, “Two-stage crossed beam cooling with 6Li and 133Cs atoms in microgravity,” Opt. Express 23, 11378 (2015)

11.   Dong Hu, Linxiao Niu, Baoguo Yang, Xuzong Chen, Biao Wu, Hongwei Xiong, and Xiaoji Zhou, “Long-time nonlinear dynamical evolution for P-band ultracold atoms in an optical lattice,” Phys. Rev. A 92, 043614 (2015)

12.   Linxiao Niu, Dong Hu, Shengjie Jin, Xiangyu Dong, Xuzong Chen, and Xiaoji Zhou, “Excitation of atoms in an optical lattice driven by polychromatic amplitude modulation,” Opt. Express 23, 10065 (2015)

13.   WEI XIA,QIANG LIU,HUI HAO,DONGMEI GUO,MING WANG,XUZONG CHEN,”Sinusoidal phase-modulating self-mixinginterferometer with nanometer resolution andimproved measurement velocity range” Applied Optics 54,26 (2015)



14.    A modified Bitter-type electromagnet and control system for cold atom experiments Tian Luan, Tianwei Zhou, Xuzong Chen, and Zhaoyuan MaREVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS, 85, 024701 (2014)

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17.   Guo, QY (Guo, Qiuyi) ; Chen, XZ (Chen, XuZong); Wu, BA (Wu, Biao)Tunneling dynamics and band structures of three weakly coupled Bose-Einstein condensates , OPTICS EXPRESS, Vol. 22, No. 16 ,(2014) 119234



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