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Name: Weimin Wang (王为民)

Research Professor in 985 project

Present Position

Research Professor in 985 project, Institute of Quantum Electronics, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science,PekingUniversity, head of the research group of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Director of the R&D Center of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Innovation Institute of the School.

Current Address

School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science,


Beijing 100871 , China

Phone: 0086-10-62765830(o), 0086-10-62755054(lab)

Handset: 13601086934, Fax no. 0086-10-62755054

E-mail: wmw@pku.edu.cn

Home page: http://iqe.pku.edu.cn

Birth place    

Qichun County, Hubei Province,China


B.s.China University of Petroleum(1987.7)

Master  The Institute of Porous Flow and Mechanics, Academy Sinica (1996.7)

Ph.D.Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Academy Sinica (2001.7)


Assistant researcher, The Institute of Porous Flow and Mechanics, Academy Sinica (1987.9-1996.7)

General Engineer, the Institute of Porous Flow and Mechanics, Academy Sinica (2001.9-2003.3)

Research Professor in 985 project, Institute of Quantum Electronics, School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University (2003.4-2012.5)

Director of Director of the R&D Center of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Innovation Institute of the School (2012.6-up to now)

Worker atSuzhou’s Electroplate Factory (Culture Revolution inChinajust finished, 1979.2-1979.9)

Research field

Magnetic field design of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Electronics for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Pulse Sequence of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Gradient coil of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, RF Coil design of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Petroleum core analyzing, NMR logging of Petroleum Well, etc.


Undergraduate courses: Experiment of Basic electronic circuit, Experiment of Communication Circuit.

Honors and Awards

Sun Yueq Science and Technology Award of Outstanding Youth by National Science and Technology development Foundation of China, 1998.

Advanced Individual Award for industry-university-research cooperation, 2013

1st award for Scientific and Technology advance, Chinese Academy of Science, 1990,

Award for Excellent Postgraduate Students, Chinese Academy of Science, 1993,

Award for Excellent Teacher, Peking University, 2000

Award of Motorola Excellent Teacher, Peking University, 2002

Fellow of Institute of Physics, UK, 2006

2nd Award of achievements of teaching, Beijing, 2010

Award of outstanding teacher, Beijing, 2015

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