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Name: Chen Jingbiao

Professor, doctoral supervisor


Professor, institute of quantum electronics, electronic and information engineering college, Beijing university, optical clock team. The time and frequency metrology technology committee, China society time and frequency metering committee.


Institute of information science and technology,

Beijing university.

Beijing 100871, China

The 0086-10-0086 (O), 0086-10-62756854 (lab)

Mobile: 15901271358, fax number: 0086-10-62756853

E-mail address: jbchen@pku.edu.cn

Home page: http://iqe.pku.edu.cn


Wenzhou city, zhejiang province, China


Bachelor's degree: college of hangzhou, zhejiang province, China (1990.7)

A master's degree: Beijing university department of physics (1995.7)

PhD: institute of Beijing university of information science and technology (1999.7)

Postdoctoral: Pennsylvania state university (2002.7 2004.7)

Working Experience:

In wenzhou university is engaged in teaching work (1990.7 1992.7)

At Pennsylvania state university postdoctoral engaged in laser cooling cesium and rubidium atoms measuring inherent electronic pole pitch time inversion asymmetry validation work (2002.7 2004.7)

Associate professor, department of electronic information science and technology college, Beijing university (2005.7 2010.7)

Professor, department of electronic information science and technology college, Beijing university (2010.7 -)

Research areas:

Active optical clock, passive optical clock, atomic optical filter and the laser frequency stabilization technology, atomic hyperfine spectrum


Undergraduate courses: optoelectronic experiment

Graduate courses: the principle of quantum frequency standard

The main research:

1. Responsible for the national 863 plan

2. Responsible for the national 973 plan

3. Responsible for the ministry of science and technology special international cooperation

4. Responsible for the major research projects of national natural science fund research projects

Part-time activities:

The time and frequency metrology technology committee

The Chinese society of metering time and frequency committee