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Chen Jingbiao professor was born in wenzhou cangnan county of zhejiang province in 1999, the college of Beijing university of information science and technology department of electronic doctorate, from 2002 to 2004, he was in the United States, Pennsylvania state university physics department is engaged in the laser cooling of cesium inherent electric dipole moment and rubidium atoms measuring electronic verification time inversion asymmetry in postdoctoral research. Long engaged in quantum frequency standard (atomic clocks) principle and technology, precision laser spectrum and laser cooling experimental and theoretical study of atomic physics, etc. Research interests include active optical clocks, based on laser cooling and energy of atoms precision measurement and atomic clocks, new type laser and spectrum, atomic optical filter. In the world, first put forward the principle and method of active optical atomic clocks, realize the principle of the four-level active optical clock experiment. Responsible for the state 863 plan, 973 plan, ministry of science and technology international cooperation projects and major research projects of national natural science fund research project. At home and abroad, academic journal physical review letters, physical review, journal of applied physics letters, "optics letters" and so on, has published more than 100 academic journals and conference, won 15 international and domestic invention patent authorization.