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Surprises and Excitements in Unitary Bose gases: the running

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Surprises and Excitements in Unitary Bose gases: the running of couplings and anomalies


报告人: Prof. Dr. Fei Zhou

University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada

and Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

地点: 北京大学 理科2号楼2736报告厅

时间: 2014625日(星期三),上午 09:00-10:00


The running of couplings plays a critical role in short distance QED or QCD physics. And  because the running usually occurs at high energy scales, the related phenomena in particle physics can only be observed in very-high-energy colliders.  In this talk, we will show that in unitary quantum gases  the running of coupling constants can occur at very small energy scales, smaller than the degeneracy temperatures in some limits. We will discuss the recent experimental evidence for those and what can be done in the future.




    Dr. Fei Zhou is Professor of Physics at University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada. He received his PhD in theoretical physics in University of Washington, Seattle,1997. After spending three years at Princeton University and NECRI, Princeton as a postdoctoral fellow and a brief period as a faculty member at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, he joined UBC in 2003 and has been there since then. Currently, he is also a Fellow of Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, a foreign associate of ICQS, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), and a member of the external review committee at CAS. He was awarded with Alfred Sloan fellowship (New York) in 2005 and Killiam Research fellowship (UBC) in 2011.