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The Femtosecond Optical Frequency Comb and its applications

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The Femtosecond Optical Frequency Comb and its applications


报告人: CEO, Dr. Ronald Holzwarth

Menlo Systems GmbH,Germany


地点: 北京大学 理科2号楼2736报告厅

时间: 2014123日(星期三),上午 10:00-11:00


 Dr. Ronald Holzwarth 介绍

Besides founding Menlo Systems and acting as managing director, he is still very active in theresearch field. He is author or co-author on 97 papers and holds 10 patents. Dr. Holzwarth has

accumulated for his work over 8700 citations and had an h-factor of 42. Many of these papers have been landmark papers being highly cited.

In 2001, Dr. Holzwarth founded together with co-workers Menlo Systems GmbH to commercialize the optical frequency comb technology. Since that time it has been his main task to build up the company, promote the optical frequency comb technology and develop new products. At the same time, Dr. Holzwarth has conducted advanced research on frequency combs at the MPQ as well as at Menlo and served as Ph.D. advisor for several students. The research direction is on the one hand side targeted towards more user-friendly frequency combs, to spread their application. This notably includes work on micro resonator frequency combs together with Dr. T.J. Kippenberg. On the other hand, it is important to expand the accessible wavelength range into the UV and infrared part of the spectrum. Other topics of his research include fundamental limits of frequency combs and the use of frequency combs for the distribution of optical frequencies through optical fiber networks.