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New laser and applications
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Our team is committed to research new ultrashort pulse lasers, including fiber-based ultra-stable mode-locked laser nonlinear optical loop mirrors, Q-switched microchip lasers, etc. The output pulse width between 0.1ps-100ps can be used in eye surgery, micro-fine steel foil processing.

A.   Ultra-stable fiber mode-locked laser based on nonlinear optical loop mirror

The nonlinear loop mirror all-polarization-maintaining fiber mode-locked laser based on phase shift is a compact, ultra-stable clamping mode-locked lasers. We obtain a pulse train output with a repetition rate of 20MHz, the average power of 2.4mW, the pulse width 500fs using phase shift and nonlinear amplification loop mirror to lock the mode. The physical structure is shown in Fig 1 and output spectrum and autocorrelation curve shown in Fig 2

Fig 1 The configuration diagram and physical map of  the full polarization maintaining fiber mode-locked laser 

Fig 2   The output spectrum and autocorrelation curve

  Q-switched microchip lasers

The microchip laser is a small size, simple structure, the output pulse width of the short novel Q-switched laser. Our team used a Cr: YAG Q-switched Nd: YAG microchip lasers have been realized about 200ps pulse width output. The average output energy is 8W and single pulse energy reach 8μJ which can be used as laser marking, laser processing, etc. This is the product physical map as shown in Fig 3.

                                                                                                                                         Fig 3  Microchip laser products and their processing results show

Our team used SESAM (semiconductor saturable absorption mirror) Q-switched Nd: YVO4 laser with a pulse output of 80ps. After amplification, spread spectrum, the compressed pulse width is compressed to 6ps. Microchip laser shown in Fig 4.

Fig 4  The physical map of Q-use SESAM microchip laser 

Laser for Eye Surgery