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 [1]Qinqing Sun,Wei Zhuang,Zhiwen Liu,and Jingbiao Chen

Electrodeless-discharge-vapor-lamp-based faraday anomalous-dispersion optical filter

Optics letters, (2011) Vol.36 No.23:4611-4613

[2]Xinyu Miao, Longfei Yin, Wei Zhuang, Bin Luo, Anhong Dang, Jingbiao Chen, and Hong Guo

Demonstration of an external-cavity diode laser system immune to current and temperature fluctuations

Rev. Sci. Instrum., 82(8), 086106 (20110818).

[3]Deshui Yu and Jingbiao Chen

Quantum-limited phase-matching effect in a Lamda-type laser system

Phys. Rev. A 83, 063846(20110629).

[4]ZHUANG Wei, Chen Jing-Biao

Feasibility of Extreme Ultraviolet Active Optical Clock

Chin. Phys. Lett., 28(8), 080601, (2011).

[6] Zhengbo Wang, Xiaokai Lv¨ and Jingbiao Chen

A 657-nm narrow bandwidth interference filter-stabilized diode laser

Chinese Optics Letters, Vol.9 (4), 041402 (2011).

[7]ZHUANG Wei,YU DeShui, LIU ZhiWen , CHEN JingBiao

Multi-threshould second-order phase transition in laser

Chinese science bulletin Vol.56 No.35:3812-3816(2011)

[11]Qinqing Sun, Xinyu Miao, Jingbiao Chen
Applications of Electrodeless Discharge Rb Vapor Lamp for frequency stabilization of 1529 nm laser

Proc. of 2011 Joint Conference of the IEEE International Frequency Control and the Europe an Frequency and Time Forum, USA.