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Tao Guo, Ke Deng, Xuzong Chen, and Zhong Wang

Atomic clock based on transient coherent population trapping

Applied Physics Letters 94, 151108(2009)

Xiaoji Zhou, Jiageng Fu, and Xuzong Chen

High-order momentum modes by resonant superradiant scattering

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Xu Xu, Xiaoji Zhou, and Xuzong Chen

Spectroscopy of superradiant scattering from an array of Bose-Einstein condensates

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Xiang Hui Qi, Wen Lan Chen, Lin Yi, Xiao Ji Zhou and Xu Zong Chen

Modulation Transfer Spectroscopy of Coherent Population Trapping based on phase-coherent lasers

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Lin Yi , Xianghui Qi, Wenlan Chen, Jingbiao Chen, Xiaoji Zhou, Xuzong Chen

Enhancing the stabilizing robustness for optical frequency comb

Measurement 42, 711–715(2009)

Xiang Hui Qi, Lin Yi, Qian Li Ma, Da Wei Zhou, Xiao Ji Zhou, and Xu Zong Chen

Study of phase coherence degradation induced by a tapered semiconductor amplifier with frequency-modulated continuous-wave and pulsed seed lasers

Applied Optics 48, 4370(2009)

Lin Xia, Fan Yang, Xiaoji Zhou, Xuzong Chen

Intensity fluctuations of the F = 2 87Rb pulsed atom laser

Physics Letters A 373, 1429(2009)

Ke Deng, Tao Guo, Juan Su, Dengzhu Guo, Xinyuan Liu, Lu Liu, Xuzong Chen, Zhong Wang

Full hyperfine frequency modulation in the implementation of coherent population trapping atomic clocks

Physics Letters A 373, 1130(2009)

ZHOU Xiao-Ji, CHEN Xu-Zong, CHEN Jing-Biao, WANG Yi-Qiu, LI Jia-Ming

Microwave Atomic Clock in the Optical Lattice with Specific Frequency

Chin. Phys. Lett. 26, 090601(2009)

QI Xiang-Hui, CHEN Wen-Lan, YI Lin, ZHOU Da-Wei, ZHOU Tong, XIAO Qin, DUAN Jun, ZHOU Xiao-Ji, CHEN Xu-Zong

Ultra-Stable Rubidium-Stabilized External-Cavity Diode Laser Based on the Modulation Transfer Spectroscopy Technique

Chin. Phys. Lett. 26, 044205(2009)

Qianli Ma, Lin Xia, Bo Lu, Wei Xiong, Yin Zhang, Xiaoji Zhou, and Xuzong Chen

High performance of semiconductor optical amplifier available for cold atom physics research

Chinese Optics Letters 7, 46(2009)

Lin Yi, Xianghui Qi, Wenlan Chen, Dawei Zhou, Tong Zhou, Xiaoji Zhou, and Xuzong Chen

Transferring the stability of iodine-stabilized diode laser at 634 nm to radio frequency by an optical frequency comb

Chinese Optics Letters 7, 36(2009)

Yi Lin, Yuan Jie, Qi Xiang-Hui, Chen Wen-Lan, Zhou Da-Wei, Zhou Tong,  Zhou Xiao-Ji, and Chen Xu-Zong

A diode laser spectrometer at 634 nm and absolute frequency measurements using optical frequency comb

Chinese Physics B, 18, 1409(2009)

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Einstein Gravity Explorer a medium-class fundamental physics mission

Exp. Astron. 23, 573 (2009)