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Xueying Zhang, Yichen Zhang, Yijia Zhao, Xiangyu Wang, Song Yu, and Hong Guo
Finite-size analysis of continuous-variable measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution
Phys. Rev. A 96 (4), 042334 (2017)

Wenhao Li, Xiang Peng, Dmitry Budker, Arne Wickenbrock, Bo Pang, Rui Zhang, and Hong Guo
Hybrid optical pumping of K and Rb atoms in a paraffin coated vapor cell
Opt. Lett. 42 (20), 4163-4166 (2017)

Junhui Li, Dongyue Yang, Bin Luo, Guohua Wu, Longfei Yin, and Hong Guo
Image quality recovery in binary ghost imaging by adding random noise
Opt. Lett. 42 (8), 1640-1643 (2017)

Junhui Li, Bin Luo, Dongyue Yang, Guohua Wu, Longfei Yin, and Hong Guo
Negative exponential behavior of image mutual information for pseudo-thermal light ghost imaging: Observation, modeling, and verification
Sci. Bull. 62 (10), 717-723 (2017)

Jinlu Liu, Jie Yang, Zhengyu Li, Qi Su, Wei Huang, Bingjie Xu, and Hong Guo
117 Gbits/s Quantum Random Number Generation With Simple Structure
IEEE Photonics Tech. L. 29 (3), 283-286 (2017)

Wenhao Li, Mikhail Balabas, Xiang Peng, Szymon Pustelny, Arne Wickenbrock, Hong Guo, and Dmitry Budker
Characterization of high-temperature performance of cesium vapor cells with anti-relaxation coating
J. Appl. Phys. 121 (6), 063104 (2017)

Yichen Zhang, Zhengyu Li, Yijia Zhao, Song Yu, and Hong Guo

Numerical simulation of the optimal two-mode attacks for two-way continuous-variable quantum cryptography in reverse reconciliation
J. Phys. B 50 (3), 035501 (2017)

Zhiguo Wang, Xiang Peng, Hui Luo, and Hong Guo
Comparison of operation modes for spin-exchange optically-pumped spin oscillators
J. Magn. Reson. 278, 134-140 (2017)

Rui Zhang, Zhiguo Wang, Xiang Peng, Wenhao Li, Songjoan Li, and Hong Guo
Spin dynamics of magnetic resonance with parametric modulation in a potassium vapor cell
Chinese Phys. B 26 (3), 030701 (2017)

Qi Han, Zhenjia Dou, Xiaojun Tong, Xiang Peng, and Hong Guo
A Modified Tolles–Lawson Model Robust to the Errors of the Three-Axis Strapdown Magnetometer
IEEE Geosci Remote S 14 (3), 334 (2017)

Changping Du, Mingyao Xia, Shengxi Huang, Zhihuang Xu, Xiang Peng, and Hong Guo
Detection of a Moving Magnetic Dipole Target Using Multiple Scalar Magnetometers
IEEE Geosci Remote S 14 (7), 1166-1170 (2017)


Pengyuan Chang, Huanfa Peng, Shengnan Zhang, Zhangyuan Chen, Bin Luo, Jingbiao Chen, and Hong Guo
A Faraday Laser Lasing on Rb 1529 nm Transition
Scientific Report 7 (2017)

Yijia Zhao, Yichen Zhang, Zhengyu Li, Song Yu, and Hong Guo
Improvement of two-way continuous-variable quantum key distribution with virtual photon subtraction
Quantum Information Processing 16 (8), 184 (2017)


Zaisheng Lin, Xiang Peng, Wenhao Li, Haidong Wang, and Hong Guo

Magneto-optical double resonance driven by fictitious fields
Opt. Express 25 (7), 7668-7676 (2017)