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      Xiangyi Meng, Chengjun Wu, and Hong Guo       

Minimal evolution time and quantum speed limit of non-Markovian open systems

Sci. Rep. 5, 16357 (2015)


      Teng Wu, Xiang Peng, Zaisheng Lin, and Hong Guo

A dead-zone free 4He atomic magnetometer with intensity-modulated linearly polarized light and a liquid crystal polarization rotator

Rev. Sci. Instrm. 86, 103105 (2015)

Zhiming Tao, Yelong Hong, Bin Luo, Jingbiao Chen, and Hong Guo

Diode laser operating on an atomic transition limited by an isotope 87Rb Fsraday filter at 780 nm

Opt. Lett. 40, 4348 (2015)

Xiangyi Meng, Jian-Wei Zhang, Jingjing Xu, and Hong Guo

Quantum spatial-periodic harmonic model for daily price-limited stock markets

Physica A 438, 154 (2015)

Chengjun Wu, Junhui Li, Bin Luo, and Hong Guo

Quantum resource studied from the perspective of quantum state superposition

J. Phys. A 48, 465304 (2015)

Chengjun Wu, Bin Luo, and Hong Guo

The impact of resource on remote quantum correlation preparation

Quantum Inform. Comput. 15, 1223 (2015)

Xiaobo Xue, Duo Pan, Xiaogang Zhang, Bin Luo, Jingbiao Chen, and Hong Guo

Faraday anomalous dispersion optical filter at 133Cs weak 459 nm transition

Photon. Res. 3, 275 (2015)
Yi-Chen Zhang, Zhengyu Li, Christian Weedbrook, Kevin Marshall, Stefano Pirandola, Song Yu, and Hong Guo
Noiseless linear amplifiers in entanglement-based continuous-variable quantum key distribution
Entropy 17(7), 4547-4562 (2015)