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Qiuyi Guo, XuZong Chen and Biao Wu

Tunneling dynamics and band structures of three weakly coupled Bose-Einstein condensates

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Tian Luan, Tianwei Zhou, Xuzong Chen and Zhaoyuan Ma

A modified Bitter-type electromagnet and control system for cold atom experiments

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Spin dynamics in one-dimensional optical lattices

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Tian Luan, Tao Jia, Xuzong Chen and Zhaoyuan Ma

Optimized Degenerate Bose–Fermi Mixture in Microgravity: DSMC Simulation of Sympathetic Cooling

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Haichang Lu, Yueyang Zhai, Ruizhi Pan and Shifeng Yang

An effective method of accelerating Bose gases using magnetic coils

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量子电子学报 31,5, 2014.




量子电子学报 31,4, 2014.