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    Magnetic resonance imaging team is dedicated to technology research and application developmentof magnetic resonance imaging. The research team, was formed in 2003, led by Professor YilianFeng and  985 Researcher Weimin Wang. For years, adhere to features in magnetic resonance imaging physics anditsmajor hardware and software, and gradually form a research and technology development abilities in medicalmagnetic resonance imaging and petroleum  nuclear magnetic resonance. In 2012, under the support of Information School of Peking University, Innovative Technologies Center for magnetic resonance imaging technology was founded, then "medical MRI equipment and technology platform" and "Petroleum NMR technology platform" hadbeen establishedto furtherstrengthen the transformation abilityof research achievement.
In terms of medical magnetic resonance imaging technology, research work in open MRI magnets, digital multi-channel parallel data acquisition of fiber spectrometer, high performance gradient coils, multi-channel phased array coil, and senior MRI imaging methodshave reached an advancedlevel. Some achievements filled the  domestic gapsin this field, created many firsts in China, for example, developed the first MRIself-shieldedgradient coil in 2003, the first multi-channel parallel data acquisition MRI spectrometersin 2004,first MRI pulse sequence development platform in 2005,  first 0.5T magnet open MRI equipmentin2006, the first 0.23T small and medium MRI equipment in 2008, andexported to Japan at same time, first digital optical MRI spectrometer based on software radio in 2012, first  high-powergradientamplifierin 2015. Undertake a number of research projects about medical MRI technologysupported byBeijing scientific and Technological Commission. Research and development of medical magnetic resonance imaging gained the 2010’ Beijing science and technology award. Research achievement in medical imaging have been industrialized in China resourcesWandong medical equipment company limited, derived a series of independent intellectual property rights introduction including 0.36T, 0.4T, 0.5T  permanent MRI and 1.5T superconducting MRI equipment,  approvedby the United States FDA and EU CE. Among which0.5T permanent magnet MRI was the highest field strength equipment in  permanent magnet MRI  equipment  certificated  by United States FDA , and was named independent innovation products in Beijing. Related products are praised by users at domestic and abroad, sold more than two hundred sets, have been exported to the United States, and Russia and the Ukraine, and Brazil, and Saudi Arabia and other countries. The total revenuewas more than 1 billion yuan, and the amount of exports was more than $ 25 million, so achieved great economic benefits. And social benefits have also been achieved in breaking the foreign monopoly, raising the level of medical devices and equipment, and improving the patients' conditions. 
     In field of petroleumnuclear magnetic resonance technologies, research in nuclear magnetic resonance oil logging, non-destructive analysisof oil core, oil percolation mechanism visualization, NMR one-dimension relaxationand two-dimension relaxation, spread spectrum and so reach the advanced level and filled the domestic gaps. Developedthe first pulse-type NMR rock heart Analyzer in 2003, undertook national " 10th Five Plan"research project in 2005 and developedthe first oil NMR measuring well instrument in China,undertooka first-period research task of national "11th Five Plan" oil and gas major specialproject in 2006 and developedthe first oil flow experiment observation with NMR Imaging Analyzer, undertook the second- period research taskof national "12th Five Plan" oil and gas major special research project in 2012 and developed the first relaxation-diffusion of two-dimensional spectral analysis of high temperature and high pressure NMR online Analyzer. Through the efforts ofMagnetic resonance imaging technology research and development center, oil NMR equipment has beenused in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China University of petroleum, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation. Thecumulative analysis samples were more than 100,000, contributed to the development of China's oil industry.
     Magnetic resonance imaging research team has a strong technical capacity of resonance physics research,magnetic resonance imaging apparatus development, strive to raise thelevel of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging technique and equipment in our country , and expect to make greater contribution in future.